Ben McAdoo’s future: Where it stands and how he can save his job

Updated: November 14, 2017

8:35 AM ET

Believe it or not, there are seven games left in the New York Giants’ season. With that much time and ownership’s desire to evaluate the future of the franchise at the conclusion of the season rather than midstream, coach Ben McAdoo was granted a temporary stay on his potential firing Monday. He will be the coach for the remainder of the season, if not longer.

If you listen to pretty much anyone right now, it is all but a foregone conclusion McAdoo isn’t long for the Giants (1-8), who are in disarray and among the league’s worst teams. McAdoo seemingly has lost his team, something a coach rarely survives.

We’ve seen this before, but there are seven weeks remaining in the season, and a lot can happen in seven weeks. Just think, seven weeks ago it was almost inconceivable that McAdoo would be on the hot seat, considering he was coming off an 11-5 first season as a head coach. The Giants were 0-2 seven weeks ago, but nobody thought this — last place in the NFC East, eight losses in nine games and a constant state of disarray — would unfold.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential scenarios for McAdoo, including how he can save his job.

Playing his wild card …

If things continue to go in the current direction, McAdoo’s last-ditch effort to keep his job could come in the form of a player who hasn’t been active for a single game this season. He would have to replace the best quarterback in franchise history.

Third-round pick Davis Webb is McAdoo’s guy. McAdoo pushed for him in just about every round of the draft until he got his wish. If all seems lost, McAdoo could throw Webb into the lineup the final few weeks and hope he turns into Deshaun Watson early in his career. Then McAdoo could sell that he deserves the opportunity to develop his quarterback, a younger player who can move a little bit in the pocket.

Of course, this is all a long shot. There is a good chance that McAdoo would alienate and embarrass Eli Manning, a two-time Super Bowl winner and consummate professional. Ownership doesn’t want to see that happen. Neither do Giants fans.

Where the GM situation factors in …

McAdoo isn’t the only one on the hot seat right now. Reese’s job also appears to be in jeopardy, with the Giants on the verge of missing the playoffs for the fifth time in six years. McAdoo hasn’t been around for six years, and since Tom Coughlin was pushed out several years back, Reese appears next in line to absorb the blame for the lack of success in a results-oriented business.

This could affect McAdoo. If the Giants fire Reese, it would have to be the perfect storm for McAdoo to remain. It rarely seems to work well when a new GM gets saddled with a holdover coach. For better or worse, Reese and McAdoo might be a package deal. Getting rid of one means getting rid of both, unless the Giants hire someone with a strong pre-existing relationship with McAdoo (i.e. someone from the Green Bay Packers front office).

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