Lowe: 10 things I like and don’t like, including Kyrie-Horford wizardry

Updated: November 10, 2017

7:30 AM ET

Time for our weekly run around the league …

1. Andre Drummond, blooming

This is the Drummond we’ve been dying to see. He has taken just 12 shots out of post-ups in 11 games, per Synergy Sports. Drummond tried 277 last season, mostly clunky jump hooks that rarely resulted in free throws.

Drummond has abandoned the post to focus on what he does best: setting screens, catching lobs from a revived Reggie Jackson, and snaring above-the-rim rebounds before anyone else can hope to reach them. When Drummond wants to go on his own, he’s facing the basket and driving — something Stan Van Gundy was prodding him to try last season.

Van Gundy is even running a lot of the offense through Drummond above the elbows. Tobias Harris and Drummond have developed a refined two-man game; Harris has never been better.

On defense, Drummond is venturing further out of the paint to smother pick-and-rolls around the 3-point arc. He has the wheels to corral little guys out there, but he has resisted it in the past. He’s also more discerning about ignoring decoy action — “fluff” in NBA parlance — and zeroing in on the real threat. Watch him keep half an eye on his man, John Henson, while waiting to pounce on Tony Snell‘s backdoor cut: