Westbrook’s best highlight? The dunk, the pass and the shot to rule them all

Updated: April 21, 2017

9:25 AM ET

The NBA record 42 triple-doubles took on a life of their own, fascinating fans around the NBA, resulting in Russell Westbrook hearing MVP chants in road arenas as he closed in on Oscar Robertson’s record. But it was the highlights along the way that kept folks on their edge of their seats every second Westbrook was on the floor.

Westbrook made historic production predictable while leading the league in scoring and averaging a triple-double for the season. It was a safe bet every night that he’d stuff the box score. However, it was how he put up those numbers — the point guard’s penchant for the spectacular — that made Westbrook the NBA’s most must-watch player.

In consultation with his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates, ESPN.com picked three of the most heart-pounding, unforgettable plays from Westbrook’s triple-double season. Here are the stories behind Russ’ most ridiculous highlights through the eyes of his supporting cast:

The lefty dagger dunk

The scene: Nov. 16 vs. HOU (OKC up 103-100, 7.1 seconds remaining in fourth quarter)

The play: With the Thunder leading by three, Westbrook soars for a left-handed slam dunk over Houston Rockets center Clint Capela with 5.5 seconds remaining to seal the win.