Holmes Blog: Extending Hammond another good decision by the Bucks

Updated: January 24, 2013
NBA: Milwaukee Bucks-Media Day

After months of uncertainty, the Milwaukee Bucks have extended the contract of general manager for three years. This should come as good news to Bucks’ fans as it continues a trend of right moves from the Milwaukee front office and ownership. Owner Herb Kohl has received alot of heat for the lack of success the franchise has had since he took over the team more than two decades ago. However, Kohl is showing that he sees the strides the franchise has made under Hammond and has shown the right amount of trust in Hammond’s vision.

This continues a trend of good decisions for the franchise that includes a coaching change earlier this month that has given a spark to the team and put the Bucks in contention for an Eastern Conference playoff berth and even a Central Division title. Scott Skiles is a good coach and, contrary to some opinion, one that tried to adjust to the new type of roster that Hammond gave him following the trade with Golden State last season that brought Monte Ellis to Milwaukee. The Bucks went from a slower, defensive team to a more high-tempo offensive team almost overnight. I was impressed late last season and even early this season how Skiles went away from the defense-first style he has featured in each of his coaching stops with Phoenix, Chicago, and Milwaukee. However, it became obvious this isn’t what Skiles wanted to coach and he was not the style of coach Hammond felt could get the best out of this roster. Jim Boylan has done a terrific job in the first weeks as coach and only time will tell if he will be the longterm answer. Even if he’s not, Hammond will be able to find a coach that more fits the Bucks’ roster and style than Skiles would have.

Bottom line…the Bucks are four games over .500, getting great production from Hammond draft pick Larry Sanders and others, and showing signs of becoming a more stable, winning franchise than they have in many years. Now they just need to finish well, get to the playoffs, and then sign Brandon Jennings and Ellis to new deals to keep the core of a good team together. So far, Herb Kohl has made the right choices.